Akron Zoo Getaway Package

The Akron Zoo is located on 50 acres just west of downtown Akron.When you visit the zoo you'll get nose-to-nose with more than 700 animals, including endangered Humboldt penguins, lemurs, tigers, jaguars, Komodo dragons and much more.

Marvel at the Lehner Family Zoo Gardens with over 7,000 plants and flowers indigenous to Northeast Ohio.
The zoo’s first-ever saltwater exhibit Jellies, Rhythm in the Blue, continues too! Watch as seven different species of jellyfish fascinate you and you’ll really get close with starfish, crabs and sea urchins at the touch tank. For more information call (330) 375-2550 or visit www.akronzoo.org.  
Akron Zoo Getaway Package includes - ADDMISSION NOT INCLUDED 
  • Goody bag with snacks and candy upon arrival
  • Information and directions for the Akron Zoo
  • Complimentary Daily Breakfast
  • Free High-speed Internet
  • Express Check-in and Check-out

    Please note:  Addmission is not included in our package.


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